The Beach

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The south east coast of England has some fantastic beaches to choose from.
Generally it's warm enough to swim between the months of May to September.
There are 3 main local ones; each has its own specialties and atmosphere...

Covehurst Bay East1) Covehurst Bay (20 minute walk)

Also known at Fairlight Glen Beach, this is a nudist beach, but is also shared by ordinary visitors. Due to the steep cliffs it is the only accessible beach between Hastings and Fairlight, and can only be reached by foot through the wooded valley area called Fairlight Glen. The beach is mainly shingle with large boulders and some patches of sand, particularly at low tide. There are no facilities or buildings of any kind on the beach, nor in the country park on the cliffs above. This beach is great if you like it quite and peaceful. Plus you can go fossil collecting and search for dinosaur bones. Due to constant erosion, the footpath can only be used at your own risk. i.e. some of the track is hazardous. At low tide you can walk 20 minutes East along the beach, where you'll find a lovely stretch of golden sand, just before Lee Ness Ledge.  

HastingsBeach2) Hastings Beach (8 minute drive or 45 minute walk)

A contrast to the above Hastings beach has it all. Shops, cafe's, ice-cream, amusements, fairground, kids play areas, deck-chairs, a pier and fish & chips! Life guards patrol between the red and yellow flags. It does have expanses of sand, especially at low tide, but for the most part it is made up of sea-smoothed pebbles. Dogs are banned from the beach between the pier and the harbor arm. West of Hastings is the traditional seaside resort of Bexhill where you can find even more commercialized fun with tea rooms, cafés and ice cream parlors lining the promenade.

Camber Sands3) Camber Sands (30 minute drive, or catch the 101 Bus)

If your holidaying in the area it would be a crime not to visit Camber Sands on a hot sunny day. Located near the village of Rye its a sandy paradise for holidaymakers. With 5 miles of unspoilt golden sand, your kids will love the freedom to explore the sand dunes and mess around in the shallow water. Make sure you take your bucket and spade. There are a couple of cafe's, amusements and toilets, plus its dog friendly on the west end. A good tip is to arrive around 2 hours before high tide so you can enjoy the sea at its best. If your an adrenalin junky looking for some action then try your hand at some flyboarding, kite surfing, wind surfing or sailing: or

Pett Level Beach3) Pett Level Beach (7 minute drive, or catch the 101 Bus)

This beach is located at Cliff End (the name says it all). It's much the same as Hastings Beach, but without all the tourists and shops. It's only a short drive, you can park right next to the beach for free, and its dog friendly. If you’ve got a dog and don’t fancy the walk down to Covehurst Bay then this is the place to go. The cliff end area is also a great place to search for dinosaur fossils. It's a very long beach, nestled in beautiful countryside, so great if your looking for lots of space to yourself.

Please Note:

You can walk between Covehurst Bay and Hastings either along the cliff top or via the beach. It will take about 45 minutes. You can only walk along the beach at low tide. You must check tide times beforehand. The tide comes in very quick and you could become stranded! Don’t attempt to do it if the tide is coming in. We advise this walk only for experienced adventurers, as it’s dangerous.