Pool, Hot Tub & Gym

A private indoor heated swimming pool, gym and outdoor hot tub is available to use 24/7.

Please swim responsibly, the use of the facilities it is at your own risk as there are no lifeguards on duty.

Swimming pool

Pool dimensions: 9m long, 4m wide, 1.5m deep, 10,000 gallons, heated to a warm 30°C all year.

Connect your phone to the HiFi (or bring a CD) and play music through the pool ceiling speakers.

The pool, gym and hot tub are located in the grounds of the owners home (who lives adjacent to the cottage) and shared with just 2 other holiday homes. The facilities can usually be used 24/7.

If you require full private use of the facilities, we can liaise with the other holiday units to give you a daily session all to yourself. However due to the small number of people using the pool, it's unusual for people to use the facilities at the same time. There are curtains on the windows and locks on the doors if you require complete privacy.

Hot Tub

The outdoor hot tub is a full-sensory experience that combines:

Outside Hot Tub


A weights gym to build some muscle, please ask if you need a personal training session.


Our pool featured on the BBC news: